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FT Food Revolution is a Financial Times multimedia series about the people, businesses and innovations at the forefront of efforts to create a more sustainable food system.

Consisting of independent reports from FT journalists and commentators, plus expert posts from Rabobank specialists, the series examines the forces transforming this crucial sector, ranging from technology to retail practices, environmental pressures and changing consumer attitudes. 

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Featured video

Environmental health

A diet designed to save us, and the planet

Many people have far from healthy diets. At the same time, food production is exacting an enormous toll on the planet. Science commentator Anjana Ahuja explores a diet created to address both problems, and as the world’s population continues to rise, she explains that it’s not just what we eat that needs to change.

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Food Security

Audio feature: will coronavirus reduce food’s carbon footprint?

Emissions are likely to rise in the short term — but there is also a chance to build a more resilient food system

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