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FT Food Revolution is a Financial Times multimedia series about the people, businesses and innovations at the forefront of efforts to create a more sustainable food system.

Consisting of independent reports from FT journalists and commentators, plus expert posts from Rabobank specialists, the series examines the forces transforming this crucial sector, ranging from technology to retail practices, environmental pressures and changing consumer attitudes. 

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Featured video

Environmental health

Carbon farming: fighting New Zealand’s agricultural emissions

Agriculture accounts for almost half of greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand. It’s one reason the government is encouraging farmers to grow trees for carbon credits, which can then be sold, mainly to large companies looking to offset their emissions. Juliet Speedy meets a couple of New Zealand’s carbon farmers and explores exactly how the scheme works.

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Food Security

Audio feature: smart finance for a sustainable food system

How can impact investors maximise their returns — both financially and environmentally?

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